The Fifth and Final Revelation of Perth

July 11, 2008

My last day at Rev reviewed… (a few days late as I was busy on my return to Melbourne).

The films: Jeff Nichols’ Shotgun Stories was a pretty cool film about two families of redneck mid western yanks with the same father fighting it out Cain and Abel style. One family were deserted by dear old Dad, the other born again Christian wankers, all equally hateful. I dig the redneck vibe. I dig the brotherly hate story. But the shotgun of the title is not even used in the film. The Michael Shannon character is all geared up for a big showdown and we don’t get it. I felt a little ripped off. I argued good naturedly with Jack Sargeant about this later. He said I’d missed the point and I said, he can drop the post modern wank and give me the shoot out ending I and the audience was hoping for. Its called Shotgun Stories, not Redneck knife fights after all. Jack, bless him, loves a good film argument and he can always find one with me. My last Rev film was Spine Tingler about William Castle and it brought a damp to my eyes to remember the great horror maestro and inventor of many a cool and bizarre cinema trick. A touching and excellent portrait that shows Castle ahead of his time with films like The Tingler and Macabre and the bizarre in cinema stunts he pulled. As cinema audiences lag a bit Castle’s showmanship is well needed back in cinemas. I want to see The Tingler with a buzzer in my seat dammit!

Wrap Up: A great festival. Possibly Australia’s best. It has vision, good venues, good staff, great catalogue and supports local talent and change in the film industry. Melbourne and Sydney could learn a lot from Rev. Made a new pal in Ivan Borgnino from SPLIF(Screening Perth Local Independent Film’s). Ivan (or Cun-Ivan) as I dubbed him is the print organiser and local film raconteur of Rev and Perth. He has cool taste in films and many a controversial opinion. Ohhh, the tasty goss I heard. Ivan and I are going to try and bring you a SPLIF night at MUFF 9, so stand by Melbourne for Cun-Ivan, Perth’s answer to Roman Polanski as a film curator.

I would like to thank Jack Sargeant and Richard Sowada for the invite to Rev 11. Its nice to feel included in this crazy industry of ours, every now and then. Thanks to Anomie, Dan, Ivan and the rest of the team for putting up with a ‘prima donna’ guest like me. Thanks to Dean and Dalibor for their contributions to the Day Of Horror. That wraps up Rev for me in 2008. Dean Bertram will be posting a few things here on the rest of Rev. Coming real soon.

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