The Fourth Revelation

July 9, 2008

Day four of Rev. Recovering From Saturday night, big sleep in.

The films: Words of Advice an excellent William S Burroughs doco from some mad Scandinavians that focus on the book tours of the ‘old man of the mountain’ himself. Lots of good spoken word material from Uncle Bill, interesting tours of his houses including the Kansas estate, the Bunker, etc. and great examination of the later writings. Eat, for this is My Body (playing MIFF soon) was a Haitian/French film that deals with Voodoo and Colonialism, filmed in a Mathew Barneyesque style. Not really my cup of tea. I found it slow and repetitive. I find some of these postmodern wank sessions insulting to their subject, due to the forced formalism and ‘look at me, I’m being avant garde’ attitude. Barney fans might like this though. Spirit Stones, the doco about Aboriginal reflections on a WA’s falling stone mystery had the pace of a snail race but dealt with the interesting phenomenon of these strange stones that fall here. Interesting topic, again, a film I can see why it’s been programmed, but not really me. The Call of The Wild, Ron Lamothe’s doco about Chris McCandless was much better, tracing the steps of the doomed freedom seeker, as he made his way to his destiny at the Green Bus on the Stampede Trail in Alaska. I was a big fan of the Sean Penn movie Into the Wild and this doco is a great companion piece to Penn’s Thoreauesque opus. Recommended.

Day five and festival wrap up (for me) tomorrow.

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