The Second Revelation

July 5, 2008

Revelation Day 2. Settling into Perth and the laid back vibe.

The main highlight of Rev day 2 is the Night of Horror shorts retrospective, programmed by Dean Bertram. An excellent selection of Horror shorts, playing to a full house at the Astor cinema in Perth. Dalibor Bakovic’s local short The Ancient Rite of Cory McGillis was really excellent, about a boy’s obsession, after as his father death from emphysema. A truly spooky horror short, that reminded me of early Del Toro and Jackson, Dalibor will be a filmmaker to watch. We played his first short at MUFF a few years back, so another MUFF discovery! The American short Peekers was like a David Lynch quickie, that was well done and way creepy. Dara from Indonesia, ran with the Audition vibe of the beautiful female Asian psycho, bumping off her lovers for meat for her nouveau cuisine restaurant. The Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre short was also funny and political, eschewing a George W Bush Skull and Bones plot line and bore the AFI’s logo. The first short The Eyes Of Edward James about a man remembering or foreseeing a night of terror was good to with cool chilling narration. The short Kirksdale about lunatics taking over an asylum in 1950’s US was also nasty and effective. Eel Girl was creepy and disturbing in the right amounts and reminded me of those Aphex Twin clips.

An excellent selection of shorts, and I’m talking to Dean about having A Night of Horror at MUFF 9, so standby for details.

2 Responses to “The Second Revelation”

  1. badMike said

    That’s funny. I just watched Bakovic’s short, “The Ancient Rite of Cory McGillis,” which was sent to me by the Spooky Movie Film Festival. It’s going to be playing at a special event this month and will be on a Festival short film DVD compilation after that.

    I liked it, too. Had a great look and feel to it. I’ll have a mini-review of it on Bad Lit the next few days.

    It all sounds like fun and that Jack has programmed a superior festival.

  2. […] Over on his blog Idea Fix, Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft has been issuing dispatches from the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, which is being held right now in Perth, Australia. Here’s Part One and Part Two. […]

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