The Daily Revelation

July 4, 2008

OK crew, I’ve been having some R&R, finishing my new feature and working on MUFF and new projects, so I have been a wee bit slack in the Idea Fix blogging department. That’s about to change.

I’m here in WA as a guest of The Revelation Perth International Film Festival, see here, and will be filing daily reports for the next five days. Yes, The Daily Revelation is here.

Revelation is the cool brain child of current ACMI film department director Richard Sowada, and is in my opinion, one of the best film festivals this country has to offer. It started as an Indy festival 11 years ago and soon established itself as Perth’s main cinematic event, all the while maintaining its original edge. This year even more so!… with Jack Sargeant, underground and Indy cinephile (and past MUFF curator) taking the reigns as creative director. The program looks superb and I will be sharing my highlights in the coming days.

I arrived in Perth via Qantas, on a typically smooth flight, where I got a couple of hours kip. Perth is a funny town, part Adelaide, part country town, part itself, really. I was here once before when I was a kid in around 1981 or 2. I saw John Carpenter’s The Thing here for the first time and looovvved it. I came with my ol’ Nanny Wol to visit some distant relations, so it wasn’t party central.

Perth, as a late thirty year old is a whole new experience. Fest organiser Anomie had scheduled some interviews on the ABC Radio with Russell Woolf and one with the local RRR style station RTR. Both went well as I vibed up the Day of Horror conference, see here, I’m a speaker at on Saturday. I also spoke about censorship and the nature of horror films being a desire for ‘sovereign violence’. I’m being driven around by Dan and I met the other Day Of Horror speakers Dean Bertram from Sydney’s Day of Horror festival and indy horror director Dalibor Bakovic. Great guys!

I attended the Opening Night celebrations and film The Island of Lost Souls from Denmark and Von Trier’s Zentropa studios. While a film for teens, this film was still excellent. Much better than these sucky Harry Potter and Narnia turd burgers. This film was legitimately scary at times. Sargeant had chosen well. A stylish kids mystery/thriller about black magic and secret danish Lodges, ala The Kingdom, all put together in a way that doesn’t suck. Not too much CGI. Even better than some of Guilermo Del Torro’s work at times and in a similar style.

The after party rocked out as Dean, Dalibor, Jack and his beau, Richard S and his gal Rebecca and the whole Rev team partied hard on the free booze. Who said Perth can’t party? The more sturdy of us ended up back at a private party into the small hours, singing Nordic warrior songs.

More to come gang, standby tomorrow for a report on Rev’s a Night of Horror screenings.

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