Sell Australia

June 23, 2008

I was emailing an old pal from my club days and he shared/suggested a classic political idea, I really must release here to you all, my humble Idea Fix readers.

Sell Australia. Simple, really.

Its a political idea. Simply sell the great land down under. Submit it to the general public for referendam, the 22 to 25 million people who inhabit little Oz, and suggest that we sell Australia and everything in it (in US dollars or British pounds) to whoever will buy it, and divide the resulting lolly up amongst the 20 million or so residents.

I don’t know what Australia, as such, is worth, but its got to be trillions, has it not? That means every Australian citizens gets millions of dollars each. Literally. It could be 1 million or ten? I haven’t done the figures. But it could even be more, lots more, theres not that many people here. We could only sell Government Assets, chattels, mining rights, land, etc. But it would still be worth trillions. We all get million dollar wind falls, and either leave the country, if its bought by scumbags, or stay if its bought by civilised people.

We could even be picky who well sell it to…?

That’s the idea.

Pretty funny. Some of my own augmentations are added to it. While I can’t say I support it, being somtheing of a Transcendental Patriot, in my own way… but the cold, hard logic of the concept is undeniable.

I open this up to the floor of Idea Fix brethren. Should we sell Australia and become rich, all of us, overnight?

Speak up, damn your eyes…

2 Responses to “Sell Australia”

  1. Rups said

    I’m impressed by this logic because it fits communism into capitalism without fraying the rationale. Of course to make the offer more attractive to potential buyers, we’d have to offer Tasmania as a kind of “free gift” along with the sale.

    I reckon that Russia could potentially be a possible buyer, paying in cash that is.

    The only problem with this brilliant scheme is that it would not be us getting the funds from the sale of Australia, I think the Brits would have first dibs on the pay-out because we are still part of the Commonwealth, in that case I’m going to claim it as a Tax loss and make my billions next financial year. I have a very good account y’know.


  2. I’ll sell you the Sydney Harbour Bridge for $1000.

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