The 2am Lock Out Protest rethought

June 2, 2008

I’m no attendee of public protests; you couldn’t get me to protest the war in Iraq, the treatment of refugees, etc. But, if you want to close nightclubs at 2am in Melbourne, there’s an issue I’ll take to the streets to defend!

I have hardly ever been to street protests, as I believe them utterly ineffectual and stupid in their current form. If you aren’t really going to challenge authority through tactics and even strategic force. i.e. by entertaining the strategic use of surprise, the taking of buildings and sit ins, and even violence, if the gravity of the issue warrants it. Then what is the point? And this was completely true of this event.

Kristen and I, got a park nearby Parliament house and we waltzed into Catani Gardens ready to invade Poland. But we were immediately disillusioned to find a rave atmosphere in the park, like a free Earthcore event. Saw some good pals from my nightclub days, who too are equal strangers to attending street protests; like Rob Furst from Beat, Hank from onesixone and Dean Sunshine. Not many people there overall, about 3 or 4 thousand, but not too bad.

Bored, I suggested to Kristen she go and get interviewed by channel 10. And she did. But she gave long, intelligent answers to the journo’s questions and I thought, “The moronic news media will never use those”. They interviewed me next and, so, I spoke in sounds bites, one of which was “They are bringing back Prohibition, which is totally absurd”. That channel 10 used after the footy on Saturday evening, hehe.

Socialists were handing out leaflets, but lacked any ‘esprit d’core’. The protest started moving and Kristen and I moved with the dreaded mob, to the Parliament house steps. There, some Green tit, said a few fairly inoffensive things about why the 2am lock out is a bad idea. Applause. Then a lawyer announced some legal victories. Applause. Then some screaming and shouting from the mob. Then all dispersed calmly, under the eyes of about 40 cops. I yelled “Attack” a few times, but those words could not have fallen on more foreign sets of ears. Is this the same people who once spawned the heroism and outright bravery of Gallipoli? I think not.

Pathetic really. I mean what is the point. The Herald Sun is beating up this whole issue, like in recent issues of the rag, shooting shots of the odd fight or two that happens in the CBD every Saturday, and has done since the 60’s. Brumby, an unelected bumble headed booby, is bringing in stupid laws that will wreck the Melbourne club scene, yet grant yobbo land Crown, all the exemptions its piggy bank afford. So, it’s all very programmed in advance.

How about a little Transcendental Fascist anarchy!

Put me in charge of that demonstration. I would have trained two thousand protestors in marching techniques, with the aid and morale building leadership of old RSL diggers and ex military men. I would then get one of Melbourne’s top fashion designers to whip up a suitably Fascistic style Uniform of; boots, military dress style wear with a new edge with leather ecoutrements, and a new exciting symbology. We would then march in procession to the steps of Parliament house, and while the police slept at their posts, during the speeches, a crack squad of fifty shock troops, would sneak up on the mounted police, peacefully dismount and disarm them. We would then attack Parliament house and break our way in, as peacefully as possible. The protestors would then, fired up by our true revolutionary zeal, all rush inside the top of Spring st., in a matter of minutes. Then, I fucking guarantee you; the protests would get worldwide media attention.

Simple, really. A little will, discipline, fashion and training and ‘Voila!’ – the 2am curfew would be stopped forthwith. Democarcies like ours can’t handle this kind of thinking. That’s why you’ve all been brain washed since birth to hate anything vaguely fascist i.e. anything that may make you actualise real power in your lifetime, you know the way people have done throughout history. Your supposed to sleep on like children, while the adults make money destroying the planet. Forget the past errors of the Right! They are there on the Left too, do not forget, comrades… and do they make you burn your Marx? Of course not. We must all rethink ‘the great game’ of politics and break down this Left/Right oppositional rubbish. Its the future thats at stake, our future and that of our planet. And its worth fighting for, no?

The issue of licensing law issue is probably not serious enough a cause, for such tactics just canvassed, but the model stands. These tactics can be used for any form of public protests, and would get results. Socialists, Anarchist and other political Volk, listen up! You have to think outside the polite restraints, that are the code of this democratic Western beige land. Capitalist Democracy is shit, and is a crime against the human spirit itself. This eternal sleep festival of Dasein’s potential can and must end…

Until we realise that Capitalism is itself, a soft form of ‘fascist light’ politics. And then confront it with a disciplined, palingenetic and idealistic new version of the real thing, Australia, and what’s more, the West itself, will remain politically dead and in the post modern nowhere land of Derrida, Lyotard, Baudrillard and fiends.

Post Modernism is the discourse of Western Capitalism and must be rejected as the main canon of our intellectual society, a better finer, weighter canon awaits in history and ahead of us. With a few acknowledgements granted, of course, to the more radical and innovative ideas of the post modernists.

Fascistic style tactics work, history is testimony to this… and can be applied to even the most Socialist ideologies or causes of today.

Socialist groups out there… want worldwide media attention? Invite me to organise your next rally. I’m down with Green causes and anything to do with saving the planet from us and protecting indigenous cultures. I’m happy to advise, just give up or at least reconsider, some of own absurd ideas of equality, fraternity and justice. Power and its achievement is all that matters in politics. Zizek, through Stalin, will tell you that. I mean what planet are you living on, the same one as the rest of us and human history or some other fantasy ‘utopia’ of your own idealising?

One Response to “The 2am Lock Out Protest rethought”

  1. Rupert said

    The smart folk have already been implementing the “lock-ins”, already on Sydney Rd there is a small bar that closes its doors at 3am and “lock-in” until about 5-6am, sadly only the tiny establishments will initially plan things this way but hopefully it will re-channel punters to other more diverse clubs.

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