Tasty Dying Breed

May 29, 2008

Dying Breed, the new Australian horror movie, that features a family of keen cannibals, has its trailer up on line now and we have it below. And it looks shit hot! Starring Leigh Whannell, Nathan Phillips and good old Peter Docker from my film “The Intruder” and Jon Hewitt’s “Redball”, as the lead villain in Breed no less! This tasty Tassie flesh feast looks like perfect fare for my cinematic table in 2008.

Leigh Whannell was at the MIFF opening last year, on his way to begin production on Dying Breed and we had a chat about the film he was about to shoot, life and politics. Good to see Whannell back in front of the camera. I really liked him in Saw and his supporting role in Death Sentence, he has a good presence as an actor. Plus an intelligent look as a lead, not so ‘brickey’s laborer’, as some Aussie male stars ‘stink of the lamb’ of.

I love cannibalism in cinema, don’t you? Such a great theme for horror. Australia’s own Alexander ‘the Pieman’ Pearce provides the inspiration to some of the ideas in this film and is the source material for the up coming ABC special “The Last Confessions of Alexander Pearce” with Ciarin McMenamin, Dan Wylie and Chris Haywood. I hope this signals a flesh eating fiesta down under, as we sink our teeth back into the other ‘other’ white meat. Perhaps, a slate of classic Cannibal films at MUFF this year, might be just the ticket to inspire locals about the potency of this kind of cinema?

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