The Twins 80’s electro

May 26, 2008

Its no secret I love the music of the eighties, especially that of the electronic variety.

Here is a funny/cool video of 80’s band The Twins, they were sort of like a German Pet Shop Boys, but with a Giorgio Moroder LA style flavour. Made up of Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer they had a string of excellent singles and albums in that golden decade. The music of local bands like The Presets and Cut Copy would kill for this retro style and sound. Dancing space girls, weird colour coded suits and little hip insignia badges, Idea Fix gives you all a blast from the most musically significant decade post WW2, yes, the 1980’s.


Also I just found this video called “Life of a Toy” from a band called “My Favourite Toys” produced by Ronny Schreinzer from “The Twins”. It’s tres cool. Does anyone out there in internet lands have a copy of the “My Favourite Toys” album or single they can burn onto CD for me? If so comment with your email and I’ll get back to you. I love to discover this, rare, 80’s electro shit. Cheers!

My Favourite Toys clip.

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