Did Tania Zaetta dig army dick?

May 22, 2008

Not according to her denials. But we all know denial is a river in Egypt. Tania Zaetta, some singing ding bat, who I have never heard of until this wonderful story, went over to ‘entertain’ the troops fightin’ hard on that ol’ chestnut – the ‘War on Terror’ in Afghanistan. And according to allegations in a leaked Army document, she did a little more than Bob Hope’s old school song and dance routine for the troops morale. The document claims she had time for a Soldier or Soldier’s to conduct a bit of an invasion of her own territory, whilst over there in sunny Afghanistan. She strongly denies the allegations, of course, but the army is still conducting an investigation into the facts of the case. Tour mate Angry Anderson added fuel to the fire as possibly being the source of the complaint. Surely, Angry was just jealous the strong, virile army jocks had all been taken, leaving none for him?

Will be interesting how this plays out. I mean who cares if she did do it? Soldiers can’t have sex, now? Good on her if she did, we say. See story here that mines this particular ethical vein.

And if she didn’t do the deed, as she claims, she should clearly sue somebody in relation to the issue. There are claims a tape or photos exists of the ‘act’. If they exist and hit the net, the whole landscape of this issue will change.

Idea Fix supports our Soldiers getting laid more often. Should we send over special comfort squads of patriotic hookers, in these difficult times of war? Sex and War go together, don’t they? War as an ‘idea’ is sexy, don’t you think? The reality less so, obviously. This whole PC war trip we are now on, is just a bit silly. Its war. Its not about manners, etiquette and sexual decorum.

The photo above is actually from the tour with Zaetta on left. Sexy leather dresses, digger’s camouflage kit…all sounds like good kinky fun to me.

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