John Foxx Live In Melbourne

May 21, 2008

I had the great pleasure to see John Foxx perform live at The Corner Hotel, a few weeks back. I have wanted to see him live for around 20 years and now have! All you kids that like the electro of Miss Kitten, FisherSpooner, The Knife and local acts Cut Copy and The Presets, should check Foxx out, he is the real deal. With his work with early Ultarvox!, to his first solo album Metamatic and his recent 00’s releases being equally as superd as his first three solo albums, Foxx is back in serious form and more relevant than ever. His new CD “From Trash” is a masterpiece of Ballardian electro and alienation.

Foxx’s number one Oz fan Colin Savage was there snapping away with his camera.

After the concert with Bruce Butler we spent some time chatting with Foxx and what an unpretentious nice guy he was.

See photo below of Foxx and Wolstencroft.

I would love to work with him one day on a soundtrack. His new instrumental CD “Tiny Color Movies” makes NIN’s recent non vocal album look like a joke. If you haven’t discovered Foxx you are missing out on some of the most intelligent and disquieting electronic music around.

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