Australian’s at Cannes Film Festival 2008

May 16, 2008

Intrepid Filmnet reporter Gawain McLachlan is in Cannes, making his yearly sojourn, and filing reports. I have a few friends over there this year. i.e. Jon Hewitt who had a market screening with Acolytes, Bobby Galinsky, same with Prey, Joe Connor who produced the short Jerrycan, directed by Julius Avery, that is in competition, so congrats there. And others. See some of Gawain’s pictures of the AFC drinks at Cannes, posted here.

Here is some (not so) highlights from Gawain’s first Cannes report:

“Usual suspects are over at Cannes Film Festival again this year.
Seems a little quieter this year as the low $US may have scared some
yank filmmakers and buyers away.

As usual Australia has done very poorly with Cannes Film Fest
representation with only 2 short films in the fest. A good indication
of the poor state of the industry and failure to deal with the
continuing structural problems (well discussed over the years)”


Unlike most countries the AFC didn’t even bother to open their office
on day 1 (Wednesday) of the fest unlike previous years. Which wasn’t

much help to any Aussies who had just arrived in town and needed to

urgently check emails / get organised etc.”

Doesn’t sound all that thrilling, really. Hopefully Gawain will have some more tres interesting news from the festival for us later. I’ll post it here, if he does.

Cannes is fun. I went twice in the early 90’s and look forward to a return sooner than later. I was the Cannes party crasher, par excellence. But that’s another story…

4 Responses to “Australian’s at Cannes Film Festival 2008”

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  2. GM said

    Overall though AFC work hard, just a bit slack to start with.

    Van Damne party for his bio doco JCVD was fun.

  3. Maybe the AFC is just forlorn over the fact its their last hurrah before the Screen Australia bureaucratic juggernaut rolls into town.

    Many of them are just partying up their last Cannes, as the government accountants will make sure half of them aren’t there next year.

    They pulled out of the hong Kong market with one week to go too.

  4. Rupert said

    Hey Richard,

    Why don’t you send a 30 second teaser of your new feature to Free Range Film Festival, Adam Zwar and Anna Brownfield are judges for the event. Good coverage and exposure etc.

    Rups 🙂

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