The 25th St Kilda Film Fest Opening Night

May 8, 2008

Ein report, mein leiblings, von The St.Kilda Film Fest Opening Night, 2008.

First, the films. A tad mediocre, was the general consensus. Exceptions, The Funk by Chris Jones and Melanie Coombs, Nash Edgerton’s film clip and Summer Breaks by Sean Kruck. The Funk was snappy, clever and dark, three things I like. The Edgerton clip used some interesting footage and juxtapositions. And Summer Breaks had a teen energy that worked but it could have had a bit more substance. Len’s Love Story and Yolk were both about mental illness or down syndrome… being the PC flavor of the month this year lead by The Black Balloon. As for Wind, I’ve passed wind better than this film. The Roger Spottiswoode (who I met briefly last year), short The Touch Of a Kiss. had some good editing and shots of Spanish dancing but was little more than a well shot film clip and bit light weight.

Jason Turley, the MUFF shorts programmer, who accompanied me, said he would have rejected all but those two or three praised above, from MUFF. So there you go my dears, MUFF has high standards! MUFF 8 shorts like Forged by David No, Lap Of Death by Jean Luc Synikas, The Interrogation of Bryan by Tom Salisbury and Physical Graffitti by Daniel Hayward all blew me away at my own festival at the quality of the work we show and that doesn’t get selected elsewhere. I have not seen many of these shorts play at other festivals and they all showcase major new Australian directing talent.

But anyway back to St.Kilda, the fest has some other good shorts to look out for over the five days. See their catalogue for details.

The host for the Opening Night, by the way, was inspired. Pete Smith did a great job with showbiz flair and suitable memories about the Palais venue.

Then onto the after party. The main reason to go, was sadly not the free piss up it normally is, with only one free drink on offer. I got palmed a few extra drink cards and bought a few rounds, as well, so soon Jason and I were on the rampage. I chatted to many industry cognoscenti like fest director Paul Harris, Richard Sowada, Jeremy Weinstein, Damian Walshe Howling (‘Benji’ from Underbelly), Greg Sitch, Mark Spratt and many others. I spoke to a female circus acrobat who wanted to liven things up by staring a ‘pashing’ contest. I was all for it, but not sure how some industry professionals might take to it. Jason Turley was eyeing Rose Byrne and telling me how ‘gorgoeous’ she was. She’s a new Aussie ‘it’ girl, who has been in some major Hollywood stuff of late and is coming out in The Tender Hook later in the year. We got stupid and hung out ’til late, as you do. I need to rope in these big nights out, as I have a flu that is just lingering and I can’t be fucked getting antibiotics. Nights on the bricks like these, makes it all linger longer.

St.Kilda fest is a good short film event and Paul Harris (in his tenth year) should be proud of his captain ship of the festival by the bay. He could be a little more risque on some Opening Night films. But, hey, who am I to judge, beeatchhhs! But do bring back the free booze for the 09 Opening, there’s a good chap…

2 Responses to “The 25th St Kilda Film Fest Opening Night”

  1. Pfft, one free drink?

    More on Nash’s clip please….was it from The Square, what did it depict? Was there any sign why it had been put in competition at the SFF, apart from the Edgerton connection.

  2. richard777 said

    Not from The Square. Though I believe that is coming out in a few months and the trailer looks excellent. It was a clip for a band, see on line, I can’t remember which band or song. Did the Edgerton factor play a part in its selection? No idea.

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