Brumby brings back Prohibition

May 3, 2008

If you want a drink after 2am in Melbourne, its going to be a dry argument.

In an retrograde decision all Melbourne clubs now have curfews because John Brumby can’t control law and order in his own State. The clear way to deal with additional violence on city streets is more and better paid Police patrolling the CBD on weekends and maybe even implementing a people’s militia to keep control. The redirection at train stations of large gangs (mostly of Ethnic origins) from the CBD, would be a good idea too.

Not some absurd return to 1920’s prohibition. This decision will ruin Melbourne’s cosmoploitan bar and club reputation that is world famous, all becuase the Premiere can’t control the citzens in his own state.

Mr Brumby if you can’t control your Sovereign territory, maybe a people’s militia’s needs to step into the breech, under a Transcendental Fascist structure, that could easily and peacefully keep law and order in the streets, with a little help and backing from comrades in the Police. Mr Brumby, do not deprive Victorians of their freedoms and liberties, all because you can’t keep a handle on youth Violence!

And what of the underlying issues behind youth Aggression? The youth of today are so Violent for simple reasons, i.e. they have nothing to live for. No ideals, no existential spiritual path, no leaders, no hero’s (except empty headed sport stars and moronic celebrities), basically, no future. Working with no discernible goal, empty shopping at Malls and getting drunk from depression on weekends, is the spiritual vista open to todays youth. Tiny cogs in the giant Capitalist machine, the endless “Hell with air conditioning” is their present reality

Another future is possible!

And it does not begin by restricting the freedoms of all noble citizens of Victoria.

4 Responses to “Brumby brings back Prohibition”

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  2. Greg Maxwell said

    The state grants freedom without responsiblity and then uses the inevitable chaos as an excuse to restrict freedom to a level greater than it previously had.
    Sounds like socialism 101 to me. If they stopped using the marxist dialectic in schools then maybe the young bucks wouldn’t be out there pissed off at “the man” and trying to find out exactly who the man is.
    If you’re brought up to believe you can blame all your woes on some vague oppressor instead of taking responsibility for your own well-being, you’re going to be an angry ant.

  3. richard777 said

    Its no Socialist’s bringing in 2am licensing in Melbourne. Its the Capitalist Labour/Liberal unified paradigm. Capitalism itself given its populism and emptiness is open to exploitation by the right and the left. This decision is like blaming books for a few nuts who read a religious text and blow shit up. Melbourne City delinquency is a Police problem, not a licensing one.

  4. Greg Maxwell said

    Absolutely it’s a police problem, but it becomes a police problem because the education system has been teaching rights without responsibility for years.
    It’s tempting to, and I know it’s ideologically consistent for you Rich, exercise the firm fist of authority on the malefactors.
    I think you end up chasing your tail though if you don’t address the root causes of their behaviour. A little more authoritarianism in the classroom will save a lot more in the streets.
    From a viewpoint of being able to exercise some more control over the wayward, getting the trains to run on time if you will, it’s likely to keep the public displays of force to a minimum which reduces the chance of a public outcry.
    My beef is with the socialists and their need to control without the benefit of increased quality of life. They want to be authoritarian but provide no benefit as a trade for the loss of freedoms.
    Here we enter your area of fascism. Fascism is authoritarian, but it seeks, and gets, genuine results as far as improvement of quality of life. If I’m going to let the State run my life, I at least want to feel safe. Socialism grants neither.

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