Cherry Rocked

April 20, 2008

Can you think of a better way to spend Hitler’s birthday than at Cherry Rock Music Fest 08? Put together by James Young and his team, Cherry Rock is a yearly music lane way festival featuring hard rocking Australian and International acts. A last minute venue change meant the event moved from AC/DC lane to The Palace.

James Young is an old friend of mine. He’s acted in two of my movies, “Bloodlust” and “Pearls Before Swine”. In addition, we shot a cameo for him and Jon Hewitt in the new one. He also used to promote Chaser’s “Hard and Fast” – a great place for picking up pussy in the late 80s and early 90s. He was a lawyer but headed into creative areas by running the ad agency SEE. He has now started his own company “Cherry Rock” of which this event is one of its productions.

James Young loves his hard rock. AC/DC,¬† Stones, Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, Turbo Negro, etc. He loves his Elvis too… especially the King’s latter day sartorial splendor. He was decked out in a fine black Vegas Elvis-style rine stone suit, that “he had, had made up himself”. An excellent MC, James intro’d each band and hyped up the 1000 or so punters at The Palace into a rocking frenzy.

I’m not a huge hard rock fan, preferring synth, electro and moody vocals etc, but I do dig its aggression and what-the-fuck attitude on occasion and this was in ambundance at Cherry Rock.

X were good. The Hell City Glamours really rocked and by this stage I was pissed and getting right into it. The Hitmen were retro hard rock and had an early eighties New Wave mode with the lead singer dancing ala Ian Curtis . The Galvatrons mixed in some synth rock that I really thought was cool. The Raveonettes with their 50s stylings, bop and ace tunes were my favorite act though…

Kristen was up to her usual tricks. She didn’t bring her ID and somehow managed to offend the door man at The Palace (old Metro). I had to make some calls to get her inside and it took some doing. That girl needs a good spanking sometimes… that I’m more than happy to dish out, given half an opportunity…

I scooted before Supersuckers but I’m sure they would have been great. Congrats to Jamie Young and team for pulling together a late minute venue change and carrying the torch locally for hard rocking enthusiasts out there. James is a true fan of this under appreciated music style and it comes across in the fest’s line up and attitude.

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