Robert Connolly’s White Paper

April 18, 2008

Again responding to the State of Emergency in the Australian Film Industry, Robert Connolly has written a paper called Embracing Innovation (aka The White Paper) about the need for innovation in the Australian Film Industry. From a quick glance it looks very interesting.

See here.

Maybe I was wrong about this guy. The Bank wasn’t too bad, Three Dollars had David Wenham in it, who is ace. He produced Romulus, while it wasn’t my cup of tea, I can see why it was made and it also had magic man Eric Bana in it. Connolly is also making a film called Balibo, about the Indonesian invasion of East Timor and the murder of the Balibo five. I hope its bloody, brutal and shows both sides of the battle being equally corrupt. Connolly’s quotes on Into the Shadows trailer… are good also. So, Bob Connolly’s OK in our book. We salute him for at least getting off his arse and coming up with a constructive document for much needed change. Why don’t more people do this? Afraid to rock the boat? This Embracing Innovation paper and The MUFF manifesto should act as a guide to what to do at 2020. And Bob C, as he’s on the guest list, if you read this… good luck at the conference. Transform those words about innovation in vital action.

An examination and my own detailed views on Connolly’s paper will be posted in coming weeks.

One Response to “Robert Connolly’s White Paper”

  1. Rupert said

    Robert Connolly was one of the very first people to personally receive a copy of my film “The Film that John Lennon couldn’t make”, he popped it in his collection of short films, he hadn’t made “The Bank” yet in those days, indeed I think that was the film he was about to embark on.


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