Failure found In September

April 16, 2008

Just saw Tropfest films first movie, September and I don’t want to sound like Bobby Galinsky but this film was so boring, so dull, so pedestrian… I just don’t know what to say.

But I’ll give it a go, anyway…

First, September. The title – it sucks. It’s also a copy of Woody Allen’s film of the same name. So its unoriginal.

Second, the story is paper thin. Here it is. 1968 WA – Boy is friends with Aboriginal boy. Father employs Aboriginal Father. Government brings in equal pay for Aborigines in 1968 (Yes the political correct message, government public service announcement part- OMG!). Minor conflict. Aboriginal Boy runs away to join a boxing troop. The End. Producer John Polson said this was the best script out of 30. What the fuck were the other 29 like? I dare to think. The story is mind numbingly tedious, no one would want to see this tale… and no one did. I wondered why films like Romulus and Black Balloon get praised so much in Australia. Compared to September they truly are masterpieces.

Third, Mise en scene. Endless shots of the Australian out back as a character. How often have you seen this in Australian movies? 100, 200 times? Its not interesting. Its dull. Have a zombie or car chase or nuclear accident happen and the outback could be interesting. But dull shots of the outback is a decidedly Australian cinematic trope, we should loose. Its so, so cliche.

Fourth, the cast. They collectively have the personality of a postage stamp. The young Aboriginal boy is best. His father’s character is a racist portrayal of an Aboriginal Uncle Tom that you can do nothing with accept wince. The white boy’s Dad gives a walking dead performance Romero would be proud of. And the young male lead is a prat and plays a cowardly character.

Fifth, the direction. Peter Carstairs direction is uninspired, awful and insipid. His tale would put dogs to sleep in Vets without the injection. His shorts (a DVD extra) are mildly better, because they last under ten minutes each.

Sixth, I can’t go on, I’m sorry.

You get the idea, surely. Don’t believe me? You just find out for yourself.

The DVD extras are good for a laugh. Learn filmmaking tips from John Polson, Tropfest creator like “Filmmaking is like driving a bus”. You heard it here first, just get a bus drivers manual and go make your next movie, hey presto.

Please, why would Tropfest make this concrete slab of mediocrity?

Polson in the extras complains about making films ‘the Hollywood way’. You mean good? You mean make films people might want to see? He’s probably referencing genre.

Who is this guy Polson anyway? Who gives a shit if he’s Nicole Kidman’s friend or cleans her pool. Apart from running Tropfest what does this turkey do? Siam Sunset, I think I saw it – Shit. His other films look worse. He’s acted in some second rate Australian and US fodder, so what? This is the guru of the future of Australian cinema? Will research him and do a post on Mr Tropfest John Polson, later.

Oh by the way at the local DVD library there was one measly copy of September and 9 copies of Gabriel by Shane Abess, done the genre way. That should speak for itself.

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