Nothing But The Struth

April 12, 2008

Local Documentarian Steve Jennings has turned his project previously known as The Muffumentary (which we sneak previewed a 30 minute version of – at MUFF last year) into a broader canvas project. He intends covering the whole Oz Film community with a focus on the Australian Film Industry Crisis. As MUFF was born of this crisis, we applaud the direction he is taking his film in. We are a little sad the cool name The MUFFumentary is gone… with its MUFF exclusive focus . But that’s the way the MUFFumentary crumbles, as they say…

The new Trailer looks good. Along with that other doco project I wrote about Into the Shadows, see here, thats now two new films about the State of Emergency in the Australian Film Industry. As declared in the MUFF manifesto three years ago, see here.

Below is the new trailer for Jenning’s “Nothing But The Struth”.

Great quotes from many people including Mark Savage, Cate Blanchett, Stefan Popescu, Paul Moder, George Miller, Dee McLachlan, James Hewison, Murali K. Thalluri to name just a few. Of course there’s a quote from yours truly as well. Shannon Young’s point is poignant and sadly true and one that we all have to work hard on to change…

Micheal Bodey wrote a piece about Struth in The Australian. See here.

Get in contact with Jennings if your in the Industry and have an opinion to share. Contact details for Jennings are at the end of the video.

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