Lady Die

April 9, 2008

What a mockery this recent inquest in to the Death of Lady Di was.

I mean who is going to believe that a British court is going to be unbiased while looking at evidence that could implicate the Royal Family in a murder plot? The court would be guilty of a crime itself, like Lese Majeste. I mean if Prince Phillip was found Gun in hand after shooting Di in the head, he would still be declared innocent. The British courts on certain issues are simply corrupted by the powers that be.

My opinion of the whole conspiracy theory is… it probably was an MI5 job, with Prince Phillip giving the green light. There was that ex English Spy Richard Tomlinson, who spoke of a plan using flashing blinding light to kill naughty Mr. Molosovic and that he suggests the plan was transferred to Di and dead as a Dodi.

Not only that… I’ll go further. I think Prince Phillip and MI5 were right in organising the hit on Lady Di. This stupid women was about the pollute the English Royal blood line with Arab blood (there were rumours of her pregnancy?) from that playboy Dodi Al Fayed. The future king of England having a half Arab brother?!…With what is about to play out in this century? Are you fucking kidding, m’Lord?

They had to bump her off. In the good old days they would have just cut off your head. Now they arrange an ‘accident’. Di was a fool to mess with such forces. Hadn’t she ever read an English history book? She should have remained single or got the blessing of the House of Windsor on a new beau and had no kids no matter what. Silly bitch invited disaster…

London may be turning into Londonistan in the lower classes, but the Royal bloodline must be kept pure at any cost. Lady Di found that out the hard way.

See here for interesting wiki on the conspiracy issue.

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