All Hail the (C)SS

April 4, 2008


Yes bitches, I just saw CSS live in concert at the Prince of Wales in St Kilda with the kooky K and they fuckin’ rocked. I’m as drunk as a skunk in a bunk… but fuck did I have a good time.

CCS means something like “I cant be bothered being Sexy” and I know exactly how they feel. They rocked the Prince tonight, playing all the electro hits from their debut CD. Fucking awesome. I want to see the Knife now. But some silly Scandanavian cunt said they’d split up. Whatever.

Thanks to Fiona at MC’s ….I’m off to the V festival tomorrow to see Smashing Pumpkins, Robyn, Duran Duran, Presets, Cut Copy and other cool shit… free… at the Melbourne fest that hopes to rival the BDO. Good weather, we hope. Report to follow.

Saw Modest Mouse, Wed at Palace (Old Metro) and they were cool. But the audience looked like a clone of the band. Everyone is so desperate to be an individual… they all look the same. Fuck that shit. Be yourself. I will be.

Stand by for V fest report, Melbourne. Billy Corgan is such a fucking EMO. Someone should punish him for his crimes against humanity. I won’t… I like peace, the Dalai Lama and little ol’ green Hitler…

I’m drunk, ga’ night!

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