conCERN: Is this how the World Ends?

April 3, 2008

“Science Does not Think”, so said Heidegger. And I am with him.

Scientists do not think. They formulate, scheme, experiment, control, create and destroy. They do all this without any consideration of the consequences or ethics of their actions. Heidegger wanted to put philosophy back on its thrown as the Queen of the sciences and the head of all other disciplines, where it should be, we might add! But, alas he was ignored.

Now we have CERN, the Large Hedron Collidor (LHC) in Switzerland. A gigantic particle accelerator that aims to give physicists answers to questions like what happened at the beginning of the Universe with the Big Bang? (Hello people…Its called the Big Bang, should we really try and understand that through experiment?!) Or other questions like: Are there any other dimensions beyond our own? What is dark matter? And many other fascinating questions of theoretical physicists.

The only problem is it could destroy the World. Not just Switzerland, or Europe or even the Earth but our whole surrounding Sun and planets.

Small problem that one.


Well, the LHC could open a mini black hole that could swallow the Earth, it could release a thing called a strangelet that would act like Vonnegut’s famous Ice Nine and multiply and destroy all surrounding matter. Or other side effects involving major changes to matter and atoms.

Now, apparently it’s very unlikely for this to happen. One scientist said its like winning Lotto three times in a row. Is this the same scientist that said the chances of Life existing on Earth are like winning Lotto every week for a year? Well, the odds are something like that for life existing on Earth. There’s no reason to think that the odds that will snuff us out will be equally long.

The Problem is Science simply will not Think. It will not think that if even the possibility of damaging human beings and Being itself in our galaxy is possible through this infernal machine, it should not go ahead. Who gives a fuck if we find out more about sub atomic particles? Science has given us great material and medical things, but it hasn’t provided one iota of real value or meaning to human existence. If anything it has removed and made impotent any attempt to give human existence meaning.

What knowledge does it give me to know I’m made of atoms and particles or whatever? How does that help any human being live their life? It doesn’t.

Now, probably CERN concerns are unfounded. But the slightest possibility, of what it has the potential to unleash, is a good enough reason to stop it. It’s like some scary 70’s sci fi flick I grew up on.

As Ballard, says “ Its not a good idea to write about the future”. We know… because there may not be one.

CERN flicks the switch and start bashing together things (like gold particles -Alchemy?) at speeds unseen since the time of the Big Bang around October. To be safe move all plans forward to the four or five months left.

Of course, nothing will probably happen…

It will either be a great discovery for unthinking science or human kinds greatest folly? I’m buying lottery tickets. If I win three times in a row. I’m taken the next plane to CERN to stop them…

See story here and here.

See picture below. Its not from some new science fiction movie. That SOB is real. Looks like like an abyss to me. Thus spoke Nietzsche, “When you look into an abyss… remember it also looks back”.


13 Responses to “conCERN: Is this how the World Ends?”

  1. D said

    of course nothing will happen

    There is no greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
    No global warming
    Faith and security is everywhere you go
    Our cities are exactly like paradise
    No trees are dying
    Saggitatius is not unfolding creating a new galaxy

    and all the species of animals that have ever existed are still alive

  2. #11 said

    I initially reacted to the news of CERN’s planned experiments and thier potential risk with the same “Oh lord, Daedalus is going to blow us all up in his blind lust for knowledge” condemnation. But I’ve come to the conclusion that if the knowledge of quantum physics gained from these expeiments could put us another step closer to developing a means of interstellar travel, an even greater margin of risk would be justified. Perhaps there is a minute chance of a miniature black hole escaping and destroying our solar system, but humanity being wiped off the face of the earth (in all likelyhood at our own hands)is more of an inevitability.
    PS- For a dish of relevant humor, served black,
    check out

  3. christine said

    curiosity killed the cat, you know.

  4. Geno said

    I’m pretty torn about this. While I’m very interested in seeing what kind of new findings might surface, part of me doesn’t really like the “1 and 50 million” odds that the Earth (and surrounding) would be destroyed. Since when can a group of egg-heads tamper with universal forces and the entire population of the Earth without concequence? But I guess I can take twisted pleasure in the fact that if anything does happen, I had a front row seat to the end of man-kind.

  5. David said

    about the way you wrote about the big bang at the start.

    Defining it as a big explosion is wrong.
    The big bang is an expansion, one still happening and we are all in the thick of it right now.
    It’s not an explosion of matter into the universe it’s the expansion of the actual universe.

    Also to fear another big bang is ludicrous it “took” all the the energy/matter in the whole universe for the “1st” one as the big bang = the universe as we know it. All that is matter or energy is the big bang, we are the big bang.
    A big bang can’t happen inside the big bang.. does this explain it somewhat?

    They will study singularities in the lhc. this will tell them lots about the big bang, but they are not big bangs.

    The concern of a black hole at the LHC is equally unfounded.
    A black hole is very mysterious to many, but really it is not.

    It’s super dense so it has a lot of gravity for something it’s size, but it’s not more abnormal then a block of lead weighing more then a block of foam the same size.

    Simply put a singularity formed at cern will not have enough mass and thus gravity to gobble up the planet, it’s far too small.

    Black holes are not some kind of magical super gravity objects that can gobble up anything near them by sheer will.

    e.g. if you replace our sun with a black hole of the same mass our orbit would be unaffected.
    The amount of gravity pulling on us will remain the same, because the black hole has the same mass as the sun and thus exerts equal amounts of gravity. (but since they are more massive the black with equal mass as the sun will be smaller then the sun)

    Now if you make a black hole the volume of the sun, that’s something completely different.

    I hope this non scientific simple explanation makes it a little clearer.

    There are concerns about cern’s lhc but nothing like the myth stories you find on the internet like a microsingularity somehow magically having gravity beyond it’s mass.

    I think many people have utterly no idea about black holes/singularities apart from some mythological hole that will suck anything close into it regardless of it’s size and defying all laws of physics doing that.

  6. David said


    to put this int perspective with the daily risk you are living in regardless of cern:

    The odds of a civilization-ending asteroid hitting Earth within a human lifetime are about 1 in 12500

    The odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime 1 in 5000

    the odds of cern blowing up the planet in your lifetime 1 in 50000000 (and I dare dispute that figure having a half decent understanding of the material and would add 3 more 0’s to it.)

    compared to all the other odds on this world I don’t think cern should be something that worries anyone this much.

  7. richard777 said

    Hi David,

    I hope your right bitch, ’cause we are about to find out.

    But your point is taken.

    Maybe our gen has seen to many Star Trek black hole episodes or that Disney movie The Black Hole from the 70’s.



  8. Paul Goldman said

    Oh my God we are all Gonna Die! Eventually…

  9. Lidia said

    God help us. We are leaving a new super-atomic era and we even don’t realize it.

  10. tiffaby said

    you know i have seen them talk about this god forsaken machine on the discovery channels top ten ways the work could end. and look the first time they had problems with it and now they plan to fire it up a year later hello just leave it be!!! and someone said osmething about the world ending at our own hands. well i do believe that will happen. as humans we are greedy in everything money knowledge,ect…. and greed is just an altogether bad thing. although i pray the whole black hole thing doesnt happen i know that this world was made to end just like all things living on it, and if its not one thing that will do it it will be another. But that day will just be the day i get to go home to the lord. so it will only be a new begging for me!

  11. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  12. simpletwig said

    I love the notion that “of course nothing will happen” because if it does we all won’t be around long enough to notice that something did happen.

    Unleashing the power of the Big Bang is seriously insane. “oh, but it’s sooo small an experiment” and thus they really don’t understand the scale of the big bang itself.

  13. Gene A. said

    We, planet Earth, are a Convenience Store in the local group and I am positive there are many more, more or less like it. This one must be important or “They” wouldn’t bother to come here. We will be monitored to insure that this warehouse of biological diversity does not inadvertently destroy itself, a valuable remote food source plus a popular tourist attraction…. Now for a little fun.
    I suspect “They” have modified our diets to put on the pounds because, like Asians and Inuk, “THEY” like the taste of FAT.
    No worries.
    PS “You cannot petition the Lord with prayer ” The Doors

    Gene A.

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