Massage not Psychotherapy

April 2, 2008

Following the advice of the astute Wilhelm Reich, I highly recommend getting regurlar massages to all. Reich, amongst other things, recommended limited Reichian psychotherapy but also regurly massages as a replacement to release the bodies emotional ‘armor’ and free up Orgone energy.

Orgone energy is very much like the Chinese concept of Chi. That’s why I hunt out the wonderful hands of our Oriental friends at most malls or at special city boutiques when I can, to get a thorough release of Orgone/Chi energy.

You will find these massage artists at most Melbourne malls. Most can’t speak English, so don’t expect to discuss Reich with them, but they give excellent long remedial therapy to those in need.

Reich is a most interesting character, a true Renaissance man, mad scientist and true libertarian. I highly recommend his books, especially those on Sexuality. I don’t fully agree with his critique of Fascism. But some of his criticisms of old school Fascism in the 20’s and 30’s are indeed true and on the money and have to be overcome in any future regeneration of these political ideas. I’ve always wanted to get an Orgone Energy accumulator in my House (or basement) . Any one know where you can get them in Australia?


One Response to “Massage not Psychotherapy”

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