Into The Shadows preview

March 14, 2008

Here’s a preview of an upcoming film about what’s wrong with the Australian film industry and other issues, it’s called Into The Shadows by filmmakers Andrew Scarano and Phil Hignett. I was interviewed for it a few months back. See also other links on You Tube to cool clips and good comments from the likes of Brendan Cowell, Robert Connolly, Anthony Hayes, Anthony Buckley, Sue Maslin and Bruce Beresford.

Cowell’s comments are spot on about weak protagonists in Australian movies, Connolly is right, right, right about the need for Innovation -that’s we try and foster at MUFF, Buckley’s comments too are on the money about the need for more $ spent on P&A, Hayes’ idea about making a certain percentage of theatrically screened Australian films Australian is a good idea too.

All the interviews talk about what’s wrong with the Australian Film Industry. What industry crisis, right?

It’s getting harder and harder to deny it by these parasites who sit with a large Government paid salary, running this industry into the ground, year after year. What do they care? They’re pulling down 100K, 150K, 200K?… on the lousy state the industry is now in… all they want is to protect their position of privilege, these political vipers of the Australian film industry. Its not right! Brilliant filmmakers scrap out an existence often in poverty or holding another job and can’t afford time off to write a new script or shoot their next film. All the while these bureaucratic fat cats are reaping in great wages, perks, OS trips and security rejecting talent or putting it on a drip equivalent to the doll. We have created a monster in these bureaucrats. Most have never made a film and wouldn’t know how to, to save their lives… and these are our nation’s cinema gatekeepers? Why don’t we have filmmakers run these jobs in downtime between their next projects? Let me take juts 20 100k to 150k wages from these assholes and give it directly to the top 20 guerilla filmmakers from MUFF and you would transform the industry in a year or two! Damn, keep your fat cats if you want… just invent a new 2 million dollar fund to give out to the 10 best MUFF filmmakers a year and you would see a change, vitality and innovation in this industry quick smart.

Don’t get me wrong some industry professional bureaucrats do a great job and are important, necessary and needed, but the size and waste of some of these bodies must be immense. A little deck reshuffling and belt tightening and putting saved funds in the hands of innovative low budget filmmakers…now how can that be a bad thing?

Less fat cats…more cool Indy films. Only one or two have to be a Peter Jackson, Nicholas Winding Refn, Kim Ki Duk or a Lars Von Trier and the Industry begins to save itself!

When will people heed our call from the now three year old MUFF manifesto and declare a State of Emergency in the Australian Film Industry and then act and do something about it!

Anyway, Into the Shadows looks like it will be a damn good timely doco.

Website for the In the Shadows project is here.

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