Richard Wolstencroft Idea Fix

March 8, 2008

Richard Wolstencroft Idea Fix, repeat.

How do you get to the top of Google bullshit for searches on your name and Idea Fix?

One Response to “Richard Wolstencroft Idea Fix”

  1. badMike said

    Nah, Google doesn’t rely on keywords anymore. In fact, they’ll see this as gaming the system and not approve (in a technical sense). Google bases it’s ranking not really on your site, but on who is linking to you and what search word is highlighted.

    Also, looking at your site, I see your name only appears in the blog description and Google won’t put importance on that. Shit, I have my linked name on every single page of my blog and Bad Lit STILL only comes up 3rd in my name search. Google can be aggravating in that way.

    P.S. Although I’ve only commented on your tech questions, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the rest of your blog!

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