Gaia Theory and the depopulation bomb

March 6, 2008

Those familiar with James Lovelock’s theory of Gaia and his excellent series of books on that subject will be worded up. Others might find this article (a few months old now) interesting at Rolling Stone.

According to Lovelock, Global Warming is now irreversible and that no matter what we do the planet will be uninhabitable for all but a billion or so people by around 2100.

So this begs the questions: How do we pick those one billion or so? Surely that figure can be increased given modern technological advancement? Surely whoever survives should not be chosen in an arbitary way? What happens to everyone else though? The depopulation process, how would it occur, naturally or by other means? Surely whoever’s not on board the party invite list post 2100, will not go down with the ship lightly and without a massive fight that could even sink the life boats?

While fools discuss humanist ideas like Communism and Democracy, these disturbing questions are raised by the brute facts of science and left deliberately unanswered. Such questions are too scary to even contemplate, it seems. But if Global Warming is not a hoax, as some would have us believe, uber tough decisions lie not very far down the road.

Lovelock’s book The Revenge Of Gaia, which I read recently, is a sobering shock report on our Planetary destruction, devastation and our forgetfulness of Being. Lovelock provides many disturbing facts, figures and trends that go beyond many predictions from the general scientific community that do not sound so far fetched. One can’t help but feel that, like Heidegger said, our technological way of life now completely enframes and dominates us… possibly to a point of desperation with threats of extinction to major percentages of Dasein. What Lovelock says could be a real Holocaust, that of 5 billion (not million) people or more! If Lovelock and pals are correct what lies in wait for us is like a steamship above Niagra Falls whose engines have just failed and only a few speed powered lifeboats are available to take 20% of the ships passengers to safety.

Let’s just hope against hope that Lovelock is wrong, like Ostrich’s with our heads in the sand. Or we should at least start changing our ways pronto to prevent worse consequences. And even consider starting the grim business of planning the life boat guest list for Planet Earth post 2100. ‘Cause it looks like its right over Niagra falls that we are all headed…


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