Larissa Dubecki’s Age Op Ed inspiration?

March 4, 2008

Age Journalist Larissa Dubecki wrote an Op Ed on the Sam Leach Hitler painting, complaining of all the left wing psycho dictator’s who are pop culture heroes and how Hitler is not! Just like our post Mass Murderer Restaurant art of Feb 21 (see below) and our Sam Leach post of March 1. Has she been reading Idea Fix to get some inspiration?

See here her Age Op ed piece

As noted below contrary to Dubecki’s piece Hitler is a pop culture phenomenon in some cultures and countries, see the wiki link. The reason Hitler is not more of a pop culture figure, apart from the obvious? The Jewish community are very sensitive about his image and Hitler is Verboten. Of course as Freud would say, whenever you repress or censor something, it gives the object of repression or censorship a forbidden allure that is generally undeserved. What do you all think?

PS Anyone know how to imbed links on this fucking WordPress site?

3 Responses to “Larissa Dubecki’s Age Op Ed inspiration?”

  1. badMike said

    You should just be able to highlight the piece of text you want to be linkable, e.g. in this case “See here her Age Op ed piece,” then click the little chain-looking icon on top of your WordPress text editor. Then a little pop-up window should appear in which you can input the actual link. Do you see the chain/link icon?

  2. richard777 said

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the link info! I’ll clean up some old posts. I hate reading any instructions to anything… so I blunder my through. I’m also something of a Luddite and have a resistance to the whole computer trip. I am also old enough to remember the world before the internet, purer and less enframed.



  3. badMike said

    There was a world before the Internet?

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