The Black Baloon

February 21, 2008

Some one sent me this trailer for Elissa Down’s The Black Baloon because of the Tropfest article (below) talking of Tropfest graduates results post festival and I thought I’d whack it up online. To be honest, it doesn’t look too good, though I like the title.

I mean why do we want to see another film about a mentally handicapped person and their family? It looks like Somesrsault 2 with a retard thrown in for good measure. Honestly, these films look like govermernt ads for getting along with each other. Like some light weight Socialist mind control experiment but the catch is we are supposed to pay 15 bucks to see at the box office?

I mean there’s even a fucking Hills Hoist in the Trailer?

Is it just me people or is something really amiss here in the Australian film industry?

You ask anyone NOW and they’ll tell you Somersault was a piece of shit. Back when it came out it was God’s gift to cinema. Now The Black Balloon. I hope to be surprised (and you can’t be sure from a trailer) but it looks like a formula Aussie story about a difficult family situation, plod, plod, plod, ala: Romulus, Home Song, Clubland, et al.

I mean are Australian’s watching recent good to excellent commercial world cinema? No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Into The Wild, …Jesse James…, Cloverfield, Grindhouse, Pan’s Labyrinth, Children of Men, Zodiac, Marie Antoinette, I’m Not There, The Fountain, Paranoid Park, Rescue Dawn, Inland Empire, Eastern Promises and on and on. Big ideas, major novels, ambition, daring, controversy, zeitgeist thinking, great concepts, direction and execution. Not kitchen sink family drama and quirky romance, ad infinitum. Should we not at least reach for what is going on in world wide cinema? At least some variety people, variety!

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