Jim Goad – Man of Letters

February 20, 2008


For those of you not up to speed on the wit, wisdom and weltanschuung of the one wonderful Jim Goad, here’s a wee introduction.

Jim came to fame publishing a cool, dead hip zine in the early nineties called Answer Me! It was published by him and his then wife Debbie and was an us against the world hate magazine par excellence. The writing leapt from the pages with such life, misanthropy and vitality that you couldn’t put it down. Goad and his wife would deconstruct, no that’s too tame a word, Destroy! …such issues as suicide, serial killers, political correctness, feminism, race and many other controversial and cutting edge issues. It also had interesting ramifications in the real world. The suicide issue was seen in the hands of Kurt Cobain shortly before he offed himself, another issue of Answer Me! was found and cited by Robert Pickett who shot at the White House with a machine gun in 2001 and Goad was left money from that trio of Neo Nazi Goths – Bateman, Greenhow and Fleming who enacted a suicide pact back in the 90’s.

Answer Me! all ended in the notorious Rape issue that featured writings from JG and DG, Boyd Rice, Adam Parfrey, Peter Sotos and others, that examined Rape from a perspective not always hostile to its subject matter. You can get The First Three issues of Answer Me! in a reprint with new material from Jim and the Rape issue is still available out there somewhere in reprint. I’m proud to have a rare first edition.

After Answer Me! Jim Goad went it alone and wrote “The Redneck Manifesto”, a treatise that suggested that White Trailer Trash should get over their racial prejudices and unite with their down trodden African American brothers and kick it to the wealthy upper class elite. It was a radical rethink and mix of socialist/fascist ideas and a call to arms that wanted to replace lower class race obsession with US class war. It was a great, daring political treatise of the mid 90’s.

Next Jim got in trouble with the law after an assault charge was filed by his stalking then girlfriend Anne Ryan and did hard US jail time. The case is controversial and having met Jim and heard his side of the story it seems after a year of the craziest behaviour from his on again off again girlfriend, he was backed into a corner, had his nose broken and lost the plot. Jim, if you meet him, is a big man, a sweet, well spoken person sure, but not someone you would ever back into a corner and give him no way out but violence. If you do that, well, you’d be a silly little sausage.

Jim said about Us prison that it was awful but the people were nice!

He wrote a book about his stalking nut girlfriend and hard time in the Big House called Shit Magnet and you can hear Ryan’s pre assault Death Threats on line at: http://www.jimgoad.net

He also visited Australia (when I met him) to be on the John Safran and Father Bob Triple J show to speak out against the violence against women ads running in Australia. He pointing out that women can be just as violent and destructive as men in the home and else where, from mothers in childhood to psycho spouses who bash men (with the men not reporting it, fearing a stigma of not ‘taking it like a man’, etc.) in and out of relationships.

Where are the ads for abused men in relationships on our TV and cinema screens? Men and Women can be equally violent in my own opinion, given the circumstances and those Aussie ads were pure one sided hypocrisy.

Jim recently published JG’s Gigantic Book of Sex. Jim’s guide to the boudoir that is surely a must for any self respecting hedonist to have sitting next to well leafed editions of Kinsey, Freud, De Sade, Von Sacher Masoch, Havelock Ellis and Kraft Ebbing.

His next project is a book on Race, no less.

Jim Goad is like an underground HL Mencken, the famous opinion columnist and editor of the 20’s and 30’s. Amazingly witty, clever and erudite in his opinions he comments on many issues in his regular writings for magazines world wide and also on his website and discussion forum NetJerk to be found at: jimgoad.net. I consider Goad a serious writer and Man of Letters of the caliber of Hunter S. Thompson and others of that ilk, fearlessly destroying all in his path with his pen, prose and acumen. In the later years of the 21st century his writings will be looked back on with reverence.

Jim is also expecting a child it seems from his website. So Congrats to Jim and new family. We Salute you at Idea Fix!

Here is a recent piece “Hillary Clinton Must Die” that has some classic prose from this later day Dostoevsky – Goad Article.

2 Responses to “Jim Goad – Man of Letters”

  1. Nice introductory article to the writings of one of my favorite authors.

  2. J. Pedro Veiga said

    Very well written.

    Jim Goad is indeed a remarkable man.

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