Obama sweeps the Potomac

February 13, 2008

You never know do you? While I still feel Hillary has some new (and some Diebold illegal perhaps?) tricks up her sleeve it seems that actual good old fashioned democracy might actually be working in the US election this year. Obama is Idea Fix’s prefererred winner of the US election in 2008. Obama seems actually committed to change and revitalizing America. His voice, style and policies are refreshing. He’s also African American so we can finally have a cool moral Black President… like in those good first three seasons of Keither Sutherland’s terror opus “24”.

I still think something will derail Obama, as the last eight years has made me a slight pessimist in US politics, but I damn sure hope I’m wrong. Obama might have the Republicans on his side at present, strangely enough. Because if he defeats Hillary, the Republican’s can then play the race, the experience, the war, the drugs and morality cards on Senor Obama. They will do all this to get old Warhorse John McCain into the ‘White’ House for ‘four more years of war’. The later phrase could be a Republican slogan?

I’m no big fan of capitalist democracy but my basic Romanticism can’t help but be moved by Obama’s victories, so I too will try and believe his victory is possible. My main problem with Democracy in Capitalist countries is that the outcome is so easily influenced by the media, corporate interests and secret agencies. But at the moment things seem to be running in a way a real democracy might work. So go Obama, maybe there’s some old real life in the US Republic yet. Idea Fix certainly hopes so.

Obama news here.


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