MUFF 9 Call For Entries

February 11, 2008

Revolution no.9: The MUFF 9 call for Entries info on Idea Fix!

The 9th Melbourne Underground Film Festival is now calling for entries. Get your entry form here:

Download Entry Form here

We call all able-bodied filmmakers of any taste, sexual persuasion, style, budget or political bent to help us man and woman the ramparts in the urgent culture wars of the Australian Film Industry. The mission? To save the Australian film industry from itself. After a poor year of Oz cinema (yet again! Happy Feet aside) in the mainstream (Romulus, Noise, Clubland, Home Song Stories … snore, snore, snore) the MUFF mandate to find, identify, promote and lauder new voices in Australian cinema is more relevant than ever.

We now have our own distribution label set up in conjunction with Accent Film Entertainment called Accent Underground … so maybe getting your films into MUFF might also lead to it coming out on DVD in the near future.

See here for more details:

We are also adding a vast array of new shorts awards to MUFF 9. There will be two closing nights in 2008. The first will be a “Best of MUFF 9” shorts and awards ceremony for the short filmmakers …then the features closing night with the awards for the features. We will have ten or twelve short film categories (including four awards for International shorts!) and also be organizing prize packs including Free Equipment hire, Accent Underground DVD’s, book voucher’s, posters, CD’s and other prizes all to be announced before MUFF 9 this year.

We are also looking to present a BEST of MUFF shorts through Accent Underground in the future post MUFF 9 … so get those shorts in to be considered!

ATTENTION: All Filmmakers: Even if your film played at MIFF or SIFF or elsewhere in Oz… we still want it at MUFF. Our criterion for selection is based on one issue only: Cinematic Passion. So if your films have it, send it in to MUFF and play the underground as well as the mainstream scene. MUFF has the credibility other film festivals in this country lack, so be part of the cinematic rebellion with us in 2008.

The international awards for features will continue of course … next to our famed barometer for new Oz cinema and talent in the MUFF feature awards. Past winners in this category include: James Wan, Scott Ryan, Mark Savage, Jon Hewitt, Shannon Young, Jason Turley, Bill Mousoulis, Zak Hilditch, Stuart Simpson, Greg Pakis, Frank Howson, Stefan Popescu and Anna Brownfield …aka, some of the most interesting new voices in Oz cinema.

Entries Close: Monday August 11, 2008. Get them in early if you can … as they are considered more thoroughly if you do.

The festival will ‘happen’ early October (after footy finals but before The Melbourne Arts Festival).

We have many other grand plans and improvements for MUFF 9 … so stand by for details and remember MUFF accepts and plays the most exciting and daring cinema Australia and the world has to offer… all packaged up in our usual risqué culture bomb of mischief and mayhem.


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