911 and the Pentagon

February 7, 2008

Well, we all know plane 77 hit the Pentagon on Sept 11, right? Wrong.

The hole the supposed plane made was too small for comerical Jet airliner 757. Security camera’s that pepper the landscape around the Pentagon either show no evidence of any plane or are not released to the public. Eye witness reports are scant and contradictory. Photo’s of wreckage and engine remains seen in photo’s point more to a missile strike. Missing bodies abound that should have been found in the wreckage in some form. The Black Box is missing. On and on it goes.

If a missile hit the Pentagon what happened to flight 77? These and many other disturbing questions arise once you examine the event in detail.

But like many other official stories, we are told Popular Mechanics or some ‘official’ body can prove things and move on. Just because the mainstream media tells us things are proved and beyond doubt does not make it so. This can be applied to many conspiracy theories.

Again, we state the obvious that what is interesting here is the US covert Fascist apparatus that must have been in place to have orchestrated such an event and also to cover up such an act.

The level of complicity in the media is amazing. The media exist to question and it is their duty. Locally, why are these issues not in local papers and radio media week after week demanding answers? That is a very interesting question also.

Here is some informational videos and text on Flight 77 facts that don’t add up:

911 Article

Play the funny “find the Boeing” game also here:

Boeing Game link

One Response to “911 and the Pentagon”

  1. underdog said

    aliens from zeta rectum-u-lum fired a plasma fart at the building vaporizing the plane just before impact… didnt you know that!!!!

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