McCain Rising – The Phoenix

February 1, 2008

Calling on one of the main themes of fascism, Palingenesis – Time magazine this week features Republican front runner John McCain looking malevolent and being called The Phoenix. The notion of palingenetic renewal is an essential tenet and core myth of fascism i.e. a state of social decadence and decline can be overcome through national or now international rebirth, rising like a Phoenix from the flames and saving society and Western Civilization. Of course I’ve called the US election for Hillary already but with a huge American recession on the way things can change. Any side deals with the Clinton’s could be on hold for the war dog John McCain. McCain will give us the golden jewel of middle eastern insanity – War with Iran. A morsel that will sit tasty on the lips of the Neo Cons and fans of war and destruction everywhere. Hillary would go for some bombing of nuclear facilities but all out WW3 type ground war with Iran- that McCain only can deliver. I bet the ‘conspiracy’ is debating which way to go. If its not HC… it’ll be J McC. I still think he’s too much of a nutter to win. But today who knows…


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