Heath Ledger – OD?

January 24, 2008

If he had pneumonia and was using recreational drugs, with downers like Valium/Xanax; and other meds… it all adds up to trouble. See link below.

The Australian papers today were full of tales and innuendo, both factual and hearsay, about Heath’s drug habits. A recent stint in rehab for heroin addiction and confidential comments from anonymous associates of his fight with drugs, being two main items.

Other reports in US media only talk about prescription drugs like the dangerous Ambien, that can cause psychotic reactions, etc. Other rumors persist that Mary Kate Olsen’s (a nearby neighbor and party pal) minders cleaned the room of drugs before the paramedics arrived. All in all in doesn’t matter and it is in bad taste to harp on these issues.

This idea of doomed youth ties into major themes of my new film The Beautiful and Damned, based on the classic novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Why does youth so often doom itself on the shores of dissipation?. Was a question Fitzgerald asked in 1922. I have observed that nothing has changed, essentially, from the days of the swinging 20’s hedonism in the world of youthful nihilism. I find the tale of doomed youthful beauty completely timely, contemporary and prescient. Hence my desire to make the project factical.

Link to the Ledger news. The death ‘is’. Tragic…


I have also added The Dark Knight trailer. Ledger’s Joker looks excellent, possibly his finest performance.

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