Advice to Corey Delaney Worthington

January 24, 2008

Go into promoting nightclubs. Maybe finish school part time. Do not go on Big Brother and became just another famous for 15 minutes idiot. Big Brother is a guarantee of sell out loserdom. You have already done the 15 minutes thing too, technically, but you were a rebel and troublemaker, so, that was cool. Chill your parents out with thoughts of all the money you can make from your new found celebrity. Donate some money too from your first parties to some Police charity to smooth over the cops and their damage bill. See a lawyer and start your own website, clothing label and sunglass designs (yellow, naturally). Do it quick, though, as your fame is already fading. Either that or go back to being a 16 year old Narre kid and forget all this shit!

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