Heath Ledger – RIP

January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger, the Australian actor who got his start a little over ten years ago with Aussie indy movies like Black Rock and Two Hands (and who plays the Joker in the up coming Batman film) has died in NYC. A bottle of pills was found near his body but it may not mean anything as he had prescription drugs for sleeping disorders and pneumonia…

I met Heath once at a party he threw a few years back. It was at his rented Russell street three-story penthouse he used while filming Ned Kelly. He seemed a nice young chap who was a good host, gregarious and low on asserting his ego and was partying hard with other celeb’s and hangers on that were there…

RIP, man. This is sad news. You had only just begun your cinematic journey….

His performance in the later half of I’m Not There began to show a maturity that had alluded him in other Hollywood fodder that he had allowed himself to be pulled into. The film Candy will also resonate in a new way…

What with Owen Wilson’s recent attempted suicide..it seems all is not well (as usual) in Lalaland. People do forget the dark side of fame… much documented by Underground Filmmaker and genius Kenneth Anger in his book series Hollywood Babylon.

See this story for details of his passing (join the links):




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