Enthusiasm Uncurbed – Season 6 of CYE

January 22, 2008

If your a fan of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 6, does not disappoint.

In Ep 1. Larry’s smoke detector is on the blink. Cheryl talks Larry into adopting a family from a Hurricane Katrina type situation. So along comes an African American family called the Blacks, who Larry jests “That’s like if my last name was Larry Jew”…they don’t get the joke and are offended. They are loud and obnoxious and Larry wants to ask Loretta Black if she can stop smoking in the house to her rancor… which causes Loretta to put it out in a bin which (due to the malfunctioning smoke detector) causes the house to burn down. It’s the classical circular disaster story of misanthropy one has grown to love about the series and is near perfect.

Pretty soon Larry bonds with the Black’s. Particularly Loretta’s uninvited brother Leon, who turns up on his doorstep to move in, and starts teaching Larry some street moves. When confronted by a skin head anti-semite, Leon says to LD, he’s got to “get in that ass”…i.e. stand up for himself and pick a fight. Back at the same location where the skin head accosted him, Larry yells at another bald chap, trying to “get in his ass”, but is told he is not a skin… but a chemo patient.

In another classic ep., Cheryl calls Larry from an airplane phone during a storm worrying the plane will go down. Larry can’t really hear her over the TiVo guy talking to him and her talking to him at once, and he says he is too busy with the TiVo guy to talk to her. Cheryl then splits up with Larry over the issue leading to LD then dating other gals to much amusement and ending up falling for Loretta Black.

Other classic episodes include Larry’s rage at a sample abuser (someone who abuses the free samples at ice cream shops), Larry also overhears someone having a racist conversation using the word Nigger and when he (loudly) retells the story… a black Doctor walks past and hears Nigger and proceeds to tear Larry D a new one. Of course Larry can’t explain he was only retelling a conversation he heard because of the MD’s fury, etc..

These are only some of the interwoven comic tales of manners, class, race, identity, money and misery that are so funny when set amongst the LA upper class world LD inhabits. The people hating pettiness, stinginess and insensitivity of LD. Add also the failure for people to understand the many honest faux pas and bad calls LD makes. It all adds up to another classic HBO season that is funny as fuck and wrong in so many right ways. If you haven’t got into this show start at Season 1. I expect a comment of thanks after you have watched it or I’ll “get in your ass”. Why locale TV don’t put this on in prime time is beyond me. Its like Seinfeld but meaner, nastier, funnier and more crude.


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