911 Conspiracy and it’s political meaning

January 21, 2008

I am fond of conspiracy theories but I do acknowledge they can’t all be true. The 911 conspiracy theory while it seems grandiose is one of the more compelling theories in recent years. I shall examine here in coming weeks some major questions that need answering.

The first is building 7. Few people who know the event know about Building 7’s collapse. It was not hit by a plane and it collapsed in on itself after no more than a half dozen hours after the twin towers concertinaed. The problems this causes are threefold. How did it collapse? If it was a controlled demolition who set it up so fast and why is it not admitted? If time was not available to set up a demolition then it was set up before the 911 events… therefor providing proof of a conspiracy in the 911 events.

I will say that if a conspiracy exists I do not have a problem with it the way most people do. This simply shows the extent of US capitalist fascism (let’s call a spade a spade) hegemony and intention in the 21st century. Another example from history of power exerting itself in a self-justificating way. The mainstream media’s compliance in the official story of Osama Bin Laden is no more surprising than Nazi news papers reporting the Reichstag fire as an act of a Dutch/Jewish terrorist Marinus Van Der Lubbe .

Apropos, I am neither for or against the events of 911. I am simply fascinated by the act as a political sign post in the coming world revolution that exhibits strong traits of fascist political theory. 911 after all is a purely political act. Who caused it is only window dressing…the ramifications are obvious in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the future conflict expected in Iran, Pakistan and Syria. These wars are the real significance and importance of the event Sept 11.

I will attach two clips on the 911 building seven conspiracy, one which focuses on Larry Silverstein’s (the 911 owner’s) faux pas when he refers to the ‘pulling’ (i.e.controlled demoloition) of building 7 made by the slightly hysteric conspiracy crusader Alex Jones. The second shows the BBC propaganda department announcing the building 7 collapse before it happens. Building 7 is seen to the right of the reporters head…until the feed suddenly goes dead. Very funny. Godspeed, you Black Emperor!

2 Responses to “911 Conspiracy and it’s political meaning”

  1. tanabear said

    You write, “The problems this causes are threefold. How did it collapse?”

    Good question. The government(NIST) has yet to release its final report on WTC7. It has been delayed several times. It was supposed to have been released in 2007, now they have pushed it back again until August 2008.

    You write, “This simply shows the extent of capitalist fascism’s.”

    9/11 and the neo-con imperial agenda has nothing to do with capitalism. The candidate the favors true capitalism, Ron Paul, is opposed to the ideology of the neo-cons.

  2. Pete said

    Even my grandmother knows 911 was a false flag. I don’t know how she managed to find out. What is the point of trying to cover it up anymore if even my grandmother can work it out?

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