No Country For Old Men…but a great one for Mexican Psycho’s

January 20, 2008

The new film for The Coen brothers (which I saw in Honolulu at an American Multiplex just before returning to our our wonderful utopia here in Australia) is fucking great. Allow me to say here that I really dug this movie. The Coen brothers doing Cormac McCarthy…all bodes well for a great film and it was.

The two stand out performances are Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss and Javier Bardem’s portrayal of Mexican assassin Anton Chigurh. Brolin gives an excellent tough as nails non-metrosexual performance as the local desert hunter turned millionaire when he discovers a nice bag of cash after a bunch of Taco eaters offed themselves in a la grande shootout. Moss soon realizes that the previous owners of the cold hard are after him and grabs his cute as a button wife and gets out of dodge. Moss has one main problem…Anton Chigurgh, drug cartel hitman…now turned renegade and after the $ for himself. In what is surely the best stone cold psycho performance of the year Javier Bardem turns the crazy up to eleven for his mystical, manic and moral hitman. The murder of the cop at the beginning of the movie by Bardiem practically gave me a hard on for its ecstatic portrayal of murder. Bardiem doesn’t stop there armed with a handy slaughter house air gun he dispatches all and sundry who get in his way to the dinero. Along the way Tommy Lee Jones does a nice job as the Old man who this country is no longer for. Also a good supporting turn by Woody Harrelson makes you miss him being in films like Natural Born Killers.

The Coen brothers give us a film as cold as the steel air gun of Anton Chigurgh. They are a funny pair those two. Inconsistent and eclectic in some films… they always seem to excel though in crime and noir genres. Blood Simple, Millers Crossing and their masterpiece Fargo are testimony that they should do only this type material. They are schmucks if they give us any more Hudsucker Proxies or Intolreable Cruetlies or Lady Killers, etc. Light comedy and fluff is not for them.

The film also displays the Soprano’s style ending technique in a few crucial scenes that is infuriating but apparently just like the book…so we’ll let them get away with it.

But I will say this. When Lleweln Moss is given an ultimatum by Chigurgh he threatens him back in a tasty manner and I would have loved to see this Mexican tomali dispatched by el Gringo Brolin in a suitably poetic manner. But it is not to be and Bardiem’s character is the films perverse anti hero… who we are rooting for to get away with murder after a pointless accident nearly kills him. All this after he pays a visit on Moss’s wife to extract a debt that is owed in a great scene.

All in all one of the best crime, thriller, westerns in a long while. See it hombres!


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