Mount Kailash

January 17, 2008

Is a sacred Tibetan mountain holy to four major religions Hiduism, Bubbhism, Janism and the Bon faith. In the Hindu religion it is considered the home of Lord Shiva. It is featured in the Werner Herzog documentary The Wheel of Time (well worthing seeing, out locally) and documents amongst other things the pilgrims who travel around the mountain in reverence. Some make the journey laying down on their belly’s and then standing up moving forward to their head and then laying down again. Only the most devoted acolytes do this obviously. Kailash is in a remote part of Tibet that takes numerous days to get to along dangerous paths and you need to pack your own supplies. It has been considered off limits to mountain climbers and is one of the few peaks in the world where man’s fetid foot print has not stepped. It is was also featured on the cover the excellent Throbbing Gristle CD “Part 2: The Endless Not”.

There is something interesting about this mountain to me.



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