Corey ‘Delaney’ Worthington Party Animal

January 16, 2008

In what can only be described as an act of a legend… a Corey ‘Delaney’ Worthington held a wild party in his Narre Warren home, while his parents were in Qld, caused a riot, got local and worldwide press, then got job offers to be a promoter and is now arrested. This unassuming teenage party animal is remorseless and so he should be. Fuck the bourgeoise parents and police… this looked like one hell of a fucking party. If more young people stood up and fought off the shackles of parental authority we might actaully be able to begin to break down this fucked up capitalist dystopia… which lets face it… is synomous with a living death compared with the Dionysian potentials possible. Fight Authority. Keep those yellow sun glasses on, man…they are cool. Party hard Corey Delaney! I and my film festival MUFF salute you!

Attached is a video interview on ACA. Look at the moral chastening attitude of the interviewer…sickening. Corey, you tell ’em:

One Response to “Corey ‘Delaney’ Worthington Party Animal”

  1. Alex Spalck said

    Hi Richard,

    I agree 100%…It’s a police state…The police spraying Greek supporters with capsicum spray is another ridiculous episode of mind blowing stupidity…The young kid, Corey, has been arrested to comply with the lynching frenzy of the most regressive and obtuse part of society…What are the charges?? Having fun??? Being 16 years old (unforgivable!!!)???
    Fuck the cops, I say…


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