US Election 08 – The way it’s going to go down

January 13, 2008


I’ll add a little prophecy early to my blog. I’m fascinated by Politics (mostly of a non democratic type) and so am enthralled by the last eight year’s since Bush took office in the 2000 Florida coup.

Here’s how I see the 08 election going down.

Has anyone noticed the real power behind W… his father H.W. Bush hanging around with Bill Clinton doing ‘charity’ work. Yeah, sure, guys either that or plotting the future of the ‘American century’ . I would venture that Bush Snr and Bill C. have worked out a power sharing agreement and base that keep the two families in control of the US for sometime to come. It’s a fairly usual power sharing aristocratic arrangement… based on notions of kingship with queens and royal blood with the succession of children. Bush Jnr is the 2nd Royal dynasty of the Bush family. It’s now time for Queen Hillary the 1st.

Of course to maintain the illusion of democracy the one party system of Democrat and Republican must change hands occasionally and I see the die already cast in Hillary’s favour. Obama smells of Howard Dean and by late Feb will be out.

The Hillary show will sweep her to Office. With a few rigged Diebold’s placed in crucial seats and states to help things along if need be. You don’t have to rig everything. Only one state like Ohio in 04, is needed to Rig a US election.

Hillary will keep the U.S. going until maybe Jeb Bush or other Bush family member can run after the memory of W. is a bit further behind us. The great US Republic is becoming a family based aristocracy based around a few key families? Sound far fethced. Watch and see.

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