New Hampshire Rigged?

January 13, 2008


All follower’s of the US election can’t help but be amazed by Hillary’s results in New Hampshire. A cursory search of the web reveals these three links:

Yes, those famous tamper friendly Diebold Electronic vote machines are at it again (Remember, Bush 04, Ohio). This time giving Hillary a leg up at the crucial NH primary. The site of Hubby’s come back kid performance in the 90’s.

I was in the US (Hawaii) in November and watched live TV debates from the Democrats. Obama seemed the man with good ideas, some vision and an honesty one might want for a President…hence he is doomed to failure. A repeat of the first Clinton term seems in the offing and we venture a wee prophecy in our next post!

Western Capitalist democracy is a spurious concept at the best of times. But with these electronic voting machines (with no verifiable paper trail)…it all goes to make Western elections not that dissimilar to those held in countries lead by military dictatorships. i.e. untrustworthy.

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