Heidegger’s Hut

January 13, 2008

Cool new book about Heidegger’s Hut at Todtnauberg by Anthony Sharr. Heidegger wrote Being and Time and many other major works here. Full of interesting pictures of the hut and the famous well… as well as maps and designs for the Hut’s layout itself. A must for Heidegger groupie’s like myself. I will have to tell you about my failed mission to Todtnauberg in the German winter of 2004 sometime. Basically, the hut was too far away from the town for me to walk in winter. I considered it by luckily Kristen talked me out of it. But I did see the ski village, hills and valleys close by to get a feel for their Being.

Here is a link to description of the book at MIT:



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