Rantological Thought Palace

January 11, 2008

Welcome to Idea Fix!

The rantological thought palace of Richard Wolstencroft Esq., Filmmaker, Film Festival organiser (MUFF), writer, theorist, night club promoter, trouble maker, cultural terrorist and.…many other things. A Renaissance man basically. For those of you familiar with my work with the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) you will find here more vented spleen along a similar vein as that to be found at: http://www.muff.com.au

This blog will enable me to mouth off here and to keep future MUFF writings more focussed on film related topics, controversies and criticism.

Why start a blog? I have been inspired in my endeavour’s here by reading friend’s blog sites. As well as other counter culture, film and underground sites that the format of blogging itself may have some worth as a form of diary, record or personal cultural barometer.

Most blogs are boring solipsistic bullshit, yes, we grant. But we shall try to at least make our own solipsistic bullshit not so boring and perhaps… not so solipsistic or bullshit.

I intend to try and keep this blog regularly (…unless it becomes too boring to me) with news, views, observations, reviews, treatises, manifesto’s, jibes, attacks, poems, jokes, harangues, rants and…the odd apology… (no doubt).

It may seem like a foolhardy project to open the mind of Richard Wolstencroft to the blogosphere. But here goes, people…

Let’s see what happens.

Richard Wolstencroft


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