Avid Fan – Dollarhyde’s Letter

January 11, 2008

       My dear Dr. Lecktor, I wanted to tell you  I'm delighted that you've taken an
      interest in me. I know that you alone
      can understand what I'm becoming.
      'I know you alone understand the
      reality of the people I use to
      help me in these things,
      understand that they are only
      elements undergoing change to fuel
      the radiance of what I am becoming.
      Just as the source of light is
      burning  'I have a complete collection of
      your press notices... they are absurd, as are mine. The "Tooth Fairy." What
      could be more inappropriate.
      Investigator Graham interests me.
      Very purposeful locking. I hope
      we can correspond.
     'After I hear back from you, I
      might send you something wet.
      Signed: Avid Fan.
      It had teethmarks pressed in it at
      the bottom.


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