The 1st Bloodfest Fantastique Film Festival Award Winners

June 19, 2011

Best Film


- The Tunnel (Carlo Ledesma)




Best Director


- Chris Sun (Come and Get Me)

- Josh Reed (Primal)




Best Actor


- Damian Walshe-Howling (The Reef)




Best Actress


- Kelsie McDonald (Come and Get Me)




Best Supporting Actor


- Michael Rooker (Penance)

- Steve Davis (The Tunnel)




Best Supporting Actress


- Kerry Ann Reid (Family Demons)




Best Screenplay


- Ursula Dabrowsky (Family Demons)




Best Editor


- Michael Gilbert (Come and Get Me)




Best Cinematography


- Shing Fung Cheung, Steve Davis (The Tunnel)




Best Special Effects and Make-Up



- Chris Sun (Come and Get Me)



Best Cult Film


- Starship Invasions




Best Short Film


- Meth to Madness (Chris Mitchell)




Best Short Film Director



- Chris Mitchell (Meth to Madness)



Best Short Film Actor


- Jeremy Kewley (Shepherd’s Hill)




Best Short Film Actress


- Jamie McDowell (Home)




Bloodfest Genre Innovation Award


- Someone’s Knocking at the Door (Chad Ferrin)




Special Short Film Jury Prize


- Flow (Scott Dale)



Special Jury Prize


- The Reef (Andrew Traucki)



Best Documentary


- Video Nasties (Jake West)

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